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        The Sintering Machine Program of the Tian Zhu Group's Urban Steel Plant Relocation and Renovation Project Contracted by NETC Kicks off
        CopyFrom: Date:01 December 2020
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          On November 23, the 2×318 m2 sintering machine program of the Hebei Tian Zhu Group's urban steel plant relocation and renovation project, which was overall contracted by Northern Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC (NETC), officially started.

          Located in the Tangshan Seaport Economic Development Zone, the project is an important part of the Tian Zhu Group's urban steel plant relocation and renovation project. It is also the first green sintering demonstration project jointly launched by NETC and Tian Zhu Group. It is scheduled to build two sintering machines with an area of 318 m2 each, which will annually produce 6.86 million tons of cold sinter after completion. The project adopts a variety of new energy-saving and waste heat utilization technologies, such as multi-functional and high-efficiency circular cooler, sintering flue gas circulation, and steam-electric dual-drive on which NETC has independent intellectual property rights. With these technologies, the project will meet the needs of environmental-friendly renovation and help Tian Zhu Group build the country's most competitive high-quality steel production and R&D base and industrial chain extension and deep processing base. NETC and Tian Zhu Group signed a general contract on September 28, 2020. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by August 2021, and the second phase by November 2021.

          The multi-functional and high-efficiency circular cooler used in this project integrates cooling, waste heat recovery, energy saving, and environmental protection. Compared with the traditional circular cooler, this one can greatly reduce the air leakage rate, reduce the electricity cost for fan operation, reduce dust spillage, and reduce heat loss, thereby greatly improving heat utilization efficiency and realizing 16-18 kWh of electricity recovered for every ton of fuel burned. The flue gas circulation technology returns part of the flue gas generated in sintering production to the sintering material surface for reuse, which can not only create favorable conditions for sintering flue gas pollution control, but also recover part of the sensible heat, so as to achieve "energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution abatement and efficiency improvement". The main exhaust fan of sintering adopts a steam-electric dual-drive system, which can realize the function of "main exhaust fan frequency conversion + reverse power transmission", and further achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.